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Artist's Statement, CV

Artist's statement

My medium is wood. I am enamored with its qualities - its colors, grains and textures - and forever challenged by the sculptural possibilities of carving and fabrication. I also like to experiment with combinations of wood and other media.

I believe that my work is form driven and often about “soft” and “hard” visual and tactile shapes. The “soft” shapes are inspired by my earlier work in clay and my ongoing fascination with biomorphic form. Such shapes evolve naturally when carving. The “hard” shapes are inspired by my interest in technology and structure. These result when fabricating.

The sculptural forms that emerge have intriguing metaphorical connotations. “HARD” seems to signify what is rational, controlled and active, whereas “SOFT” seems to be more about what is emotional, spontaneous, passive and vulnerable.

One Person Exhibits:
Valley Cottage Library, Valley Cottage, NY, 2011
Azarian McCullough Art Gallery Sparkill, NY, 2001, 2008
Suffern Free Library Suffern, NY, 2008
Cape Cod Museum of Art Dennis, MA, 2003
Chapel Gallery Mariandale Retreat & Conference Center, Ossining NY, 2002
Piermont Flywheel Gallery Piermont, NY, 1998, 1997, 1995, 1993
Edward Hopper Foundation Nyack, NY, 1991, 1980
Rockland Community College Suffern, NY, 1981
Washington Square East Gallery N.Y.C., 1980
Ward-Nasse Gallery N.Y.C., 1978, 1976
Graphica 3 Haifa, Israel, 1976
Clarksville Gallery Nyack NY, 1974
Fulton Montgomery College Johnstown, NY, 1972
St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill NY, 1999, 1994, 1972, 1970

Group Exhibits (since 2003):
14 Sculptors at the Akin Museum, Akin Library and Museum, Pawling NY (4/30/16 -10/23/16)
Ode to the Earth, Blue Hill Cultural Center, Pearl River NY (11/15 – 4/2/16)
Contemporary Sculpture that Fools the Eye, John F. Peto Museum, Island Heights NJ (5/9-9/6/15)
National Juried Tromp L’eoil Exhibit, John F. Peto Museum, Island Heights NJ (9/27-12/31/14)
Northeast Ceramic Sculpture Exhibit, Art Centro, Poughkeepsie NY (9/13-10/11/14) and (11/7 - 12/5/15)
Change and Transformation, Blue Hill Art Center, Pearl River NY (12/13-5/14)
Members Exhibit, Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack NY (2009-16) (June)
It's All About Me !, Azarian McCullough Art Gallery, Sparkill NY (11-12/12)
Re-imagining Garner, Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, Garnerville NY (invitational: 10-11/12)
Juried Exhibit, Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster NJ (11-12/12)
Resurrection Show, Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, Garnerville NY (invitational: 10-11/12)
Post Cards from the Edge, Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack NY (ROCA) 1-2/12
Art Faculty Exhibit, Azarian McCullough Art Gallery, Sparkill NY 2-3/11
New Dimensions Exhibit, Upstream Gallery, Dobbs Ferry NY 1/11
Robes, Theresa Maloney Art Gallery, College St. Elizabeth, Morristown NJ 9-10/10
Through Your Eyes, Rockland Historical Society, New City NY 9-11/10
Garnerworld Invitational, Garner Arts & Industrial Center, Garnerville, NY 10/09 - 2/10
2007 Art of Hospice Exhibition, (traveling exhibit sponsored by VGS Rockland, New City NY) 5/07
Once Upon a Tree, Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, Garnerville, NY 6/06
Kindred Spirits, (two person exhibit ) Pomona Cultural Center, Pomona, NY 1/03

Select Commissions:
Liturgical Cross Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Tappan, NY, 2008
Processional Cross St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Pearl River, N.Y., 2006
Presider’s Chair & Processional Cross, Rosary Chapel Sparkill, N.Y., 2000-01
Susan’s Cross Chapel ,St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, NY, 1999
Executive Sculpture, CIBA-Geigy Legal Department 1995
Executive Arts Awards, County of Rockland, (three separate commissions), 2000, 1995, 1992
Wall Relief Klein and Klein Law Office - Suffern, N.Y., 1988

B.A., Grinnell College
M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art
D.A., New York University

Professor: St.Thomas Aquinas College (1969-2015)
Visiting Professor: University of Haifa, Israel (1975-76)