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14 Sculptors
Governors Island Art Fair 2011

Presented by 4Heads
Head to Toe -- Self Portraits

Located in Building 12, Section E, First Floor
Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 2nd to 25th, 2011.
Hours: Friday 11-3pm, Saturday and Sunday: 11-6pm.
Governors Island ferry schedule -- *Ferry is Free!

Dan Bergman, His Room
Cast Cement
26 "H x 24 "W x 1 1/2 " D

Allen Cyprys, Portrait Head - The Builder
10 3/4" H x 7 1/2" W x 3/4" D

Esther Grillo, Artist Wearing a Black Hood
Black rubber, wood, copper, lacquer, pencil, paint pens, feathers
14" H x 20" W x 5" D

Caroline Hallas, The Wave and I
Aluminum wire, annealed wire, paper, tape, Scullery, acrylic paint
14" H x 11" W x 13" D

Bernice Sokol Kramer, Like a Rolling Stone
Collage/Relief -- cut and pasted paper on board, on clay, ink and acrylic
27" H x 10 1/2" W x 1 1/4" D

Marion Lane, Self Portrait
Fabric on foamcore, acrylic paint, glitter, rope
24" H x 26" W x 2" D

Peter Lundberg, Model for Loup 2
Cast concrete
30" H x 6" W x 6" D

Siena Porta, After Chemo
Acrylic pigment on linen, gold leaf and laser printed paper
21" H x 17" W x 3/4" D

Herb Rosenberg, One Must Still Have Chaos in Oneself to Give Birth to a Dancing Star
Aluminum, glass + sincerity
18" H x 30" W x 5" D

Chuck Von Schmidt, Kantharos
Resin, marble dust
9" H x 7" W x 6" D

Installation View - Main room

Installation View - Main room

Installation View - Main room

Installation View - Closet Pieces

Installation View - Closet Pieces

Installation View - Closet Pieces

Installation View - Closet Pieces

For Immediate Release

Contact Person: Bernice Sokol Kramer, Exhibition Coordinator
Phone: 212-532-4079, Cell: 347-658-9644

14 Sculptors is pleased to announce the exhibition, Head to Toe -- Self Portraits at Governors Island Art Fair 2011. It is presented by 4Heads and will be located in Building 12, Section E, first floor. Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 2nd to 25th 2011. Hours: Friday 11-3pm, Saturday and Sunday 11-6pm. For the Governors Island ferry schedule --
*Ferry is Free!

14 Sculptors was founded 37 years ago; one of the first galleries specifically devoted to contemporary sculpture. A landmark in SoHo, it is now functioning as an independent group exhibiting in universities and various public spaces. It has been selected for participation in the 4rth Annual Governors Island Art Fair.

Across from Governors Island is the Statue of Liberty. This public monument can be interpreted as a self portrait of Lady Liberty in an abstract way. Inspired by Lady Liberty's symbol of welcome and greeting, the artists of 14 Sculptors Gallary have created images of themselves to introduce to the public. In this intimate indoor setting at the art fair, the sculptors choose to reveal parts of themselves, not necessarily dealing with their likenesses.

The artists express their individualism in dreams, fantasies and emotion. With the help of modern materials, past and present merge to give a more psychological autograph; this makes it possible for them to reach out and carry another kind of torch.

Participating artists are: Dan Bergman, Allan Cyprys, Esther Grillo, Caroline Hallas, Bernice Sokol Kramer, Marion Lane, Peter Lundberg, Siena Porta, Herb Rosenberg and Chuck Von Schmidt.

The artists describe their work as follows:

Dan Bergman
The artist inhabits a space inside his own imagination, along with an ever-changing cast of ghosts, fears, temptations and completely unexplainable images. This scene is the artist's true self-portrait at a given moment.

Allan Cyprys
I chose to represent myself by using a life size paper cut-out of my head. Paper gives me the ability to fold and manipulate the piece as well as glue layers of colored images onto it. This process expresses my inner thoughts as the head becomes dimensional and takes on a symbolic personality.

Esther Grillo
My tranquil face is encircled by the graceful folds of a black hood. This self-portrait relief continues my use of black rubber so that it is perceived as another material, in this case black leather.

Caroline Hallas
My self portrait is about the power of nature and the power of me. The work consists of a wave made of wire and a tiny Scullery figure, me. Global Warming is the issue and the self figure indicates, in a playful way, the powerlessness in dealing with it.

Bernice Sokol Kramer
I reveal and conceal myself in the city I love. Collage and sculptural elements unite as well as cityscape and figurescape.

Marion Lane
My self portrait shows a quite literal profile on the left which occupies a small space, but then becomes a bold abstraction using a variety of materials. It is a self portrait in the most authentic sense in that shows my major interest in abstraction and innovative use of materials.

Peter Lundberg
My sculptures are made by digging a form out of the earth and then casting the void in concrete. The direct process is crude, primitive and sometimes reveals an elegant as well as raw form.

Sienna Gillann Porta
This self portait was begun as my hair grew out after chemotherapy for breast cancer. I was exploring both my face and the process of painting. The frame has applied printed images of a carving of a winged cat/leopard that hangs from our ceiling at home. The carving has associations of domestic life and is a combination talisman and alter ego.

Herb Rosenberg
"One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star..." Thus spoke Herb Rosenberg through words of Zarathustra as his contribution to the 'Head to Toe' exhibition. What you see is the whole me, from head to toe through an organized chaos of light, color and shimmeringnesses.

Chuck Von Schmidt
It could be said that every time the artist creates a work of art, he is holding up a mirror. Sometimes the image is quite different from what was seen before, but it always reflects a very real aspect. Something is revealed. Permanent, transient, obvious or subtle, narcissistic or universal, not always within the four commonly accepted dimensions, the artist's self portrait is often the product of economics; the model comes cheaply.