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14 Sculptors on the Rock - News 1 Broadcast

Site Photographs of 14 Sculptors, Inc. on the Rock 2017: An Exhibition of Sculpture

Aluminum and steel
8' H x 13' W x 2' D

Artist's Statement:   Bright Moment celebrates "the Rock" as an undulating foam green body that converses with the moving air and sea beneath a blazing tangle of stainless steel wire that engages the sun.

Allan Cyprys, SUNSET ON THE ROCK # 1
Stained wood
77" H x 12 1/4" W x 5 1/2" D

Allan Cyprys, SUNSET ON THE ROCK # 3
Stained wood
67 1/4" H x 12" W x 7" D

Artist's Statement:   To give the impression of sunset on the Rockaways. I apply different colored stains to wooden rectangular shapes that are assembled to create a structure reminiscent of a lighthouse.

Esther A. Grillo, ROCK RELICS
Rockaway Playland Roller Coaster steel chain (1901),
6 Star of David's from de-sanctified Ohab Zedek synagogue (1929),
Rockaway boardwalk wood (1976),
upcycled steel, welded steel, oil paint
5' H x 7 1/2' W x 44" D

Artist's Statement:   The playful Rock Relics sculpture is inspired and created by using actual artifacts celebrating uniquely Rockaway places and things.

Febrications, NO DOUBT
Stainless steel
3 1/2' H x 3 1/2' W x 7' D

Artist's Statement:   Shapes that are balanced by connecting with one another and form free-flowing letters and words.

Carmen Frank and Laura Frank, LIFE IN THE ROCKAWAYS
Wood substructure faced with raw and painted metal sheets
Approx. 10' H x 12' W x 9' D

Artist's Statement:   This represents the energy and beauty in a moment of joy in nature and reinforces the need to be strong as we face challenges to preserve and respect nature.

Christina Jorge, THE LAST MERMAID
Metal/ wire, sequined panels, Mylar, upcycled non-biodegradable snack bags, welded steel and wood base
Approx. 7 1/2' H x 17' W x 4' D

Artist's Statement:   Up-cycled non-biodegradable snack bags form the hair and tail of this modern mermaid. Marine debris entangles and kills marine life. Save the Mermaids. Leave only your footprints in the sand.

Bibiana Huang Matheis, HEART @ ROCKAWAY

Up-cycled Lucite-red/pink rings (3.75”diameter & 0.50" thick), plastic ties; red, orange & white
10' H x 10' W x 4" D

Artist's Statement:   This six foot red heart sculpture relief is radiating its love to Rockaway Beach and the Earth.

Sui Park, SPROUT
White cable ties, tent spikes
Installation size varies:
3' H x 1.0 - 1 1/2' W to
2' H x 1' W in various sizes.

Artist's Statement:   Sprout is an installation of abstract forms made from white plastic cable ties that symbolizes the beginning of new potentials.

Siena Gillann Porta, ASEITY (originating from oneself)
Aluminum, oil paint, cement.
9' H x 9' W x 3 1/2' D

Artist's Statement:   Whales and dolphins represent a familiar link to the mystery of our oceans, to the life of our world, water.

Carl Rattner, SEA CREATURE
Acrylic & pine laminate finished with marine varnish.
7 1/2' H x 8" W x 4" D

Artist's Statement:   Sea Creature was inspired by a variety of marine life that clings to rocks and piers.

Herb Rosenberg, A MONUMENT TO HOPE
Painted aluminum.
8' H x 3' W x 3' D

Artist's Statement:   A talisman of hope reaching out over rocks, seas, and stars to the four corners of the rich green earth embraces the distinctive magnificence of all the world’s diverse peoples. 

Stan Squirewell, AMALGAMATED
Exterior stain on wood.
8' H x 4' W x 6" D

Artist's Statement:   Inscribed with ancient symbols of hope, peace and healing from Native American and West African cultures, the hair pick is a symbol of unity and oneness for all.

Stainless steel, acrylic lacquer.
69" H x 48" W x 62" D

Artist's Statement:   Rockaway Wave embodies the seas rhythms through curved steel triangles containing frolicking sea horses, and sea stars expressing my life-long love affair with the ocean and it's creatures.

Chuck Von Schmidt, WEAR R U GONG LES CARGO?
Steel sculpture.
6' H x 6' W x 2' D

Artist's Statement: WEAR R U GONG LES CARGO? honors a pet snail, I had rescued from a Bleecker Street fish market.